2018 Punahou Recipient, Mrs Phillippa Milroy. 

This was a wonderful opportunity for me to continue to strive to be a better teacher so I can instill in children a hunger for learning. With teaching being my passion it was a dream to embrace my own professional development and learning through a global exchange.

 Punahou's values of tradition, history and culture resonate strongly with me. These three values help shape who we are today and who we may become in the future. The values espoused by Punahou share a strong correlation with Southwell's values. I was made very quickly welcome by the Punahou Family. 

The learning environment was just as I expected, world class. 

I enjoyed working closely with Mrs Robyn Vierra and her 5th Grade class. I was lucky to observe classes in Hawaiian Studies, PE, Art and Social Studies. Mrs Lorelei Saito's Social Studies classes focussed on global connections particularly within the Pacific and Polynesian triangle which now includes a connection with Southwell School. 

Thanks to the Southwell School Foundation for generously paying my airfares. 

2019 Punahou Recipient, Mr Glen McKay. 

As an educator, it is always an ambition to expand your professional learning network and connect with other educators, especially those who teach a different curriculum in a totally different environment. While at Punahou I not only witnessed some key ideas I will take away, but I was able to reflect on Southwell School and appreciate the amazing education, both in and out of the class we give ALL of our students. Key points I noted...

Global Connections:  I have made a valuable connection with Lorelei Saito (and other teachers) and we will be connecting our classes and learning together. 

Culture: There is a real sense of community and an amazing feel to the school that is evident in every facet.  Students know the history of the school and are proud of this and their culture - from wearing school branded clothing to all students knowing and having the confidence to perform the school chant (Lei Mānoa) to me. The Hawaiian culture is also evident through the environment, curriculum, Chapel and students/staff.  

Digital Citizenship:  I really liked how this was integrated into the library program. This is taught through the different levels and added to each year. It sits firmly as a key piece of learning for all students. 

One of my key reflections on my time away is how I can continue to develop my Global Connections, not only for me personally, but my students as well. We are isolated in NZ and we need to make use of the technology available to go into other classes around the world and share experiences.  Punahou has many Global Connections and I would like to work alongside them in expanding mine. I would like to thank the Foundation for the opportunity they provided with with my recent trip to Punahou School in Oahu, Hawaii.